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Product Image Tec Italy - T.R.I Fase (A + B)

Tec Italy - T.R.I Fase (A + B)

$64.99 $119.99

 Tec Italy - Reconstruct - Fase A+B is  INTENSIVE RECONTRUCTOR TREATMENT formulated to meet the needs of any nutritional hair deficiency. It comes in two phases a protein treatment and a moisturizer that when combined, enables stylist to customize restorative hair therapies, meeting the specific needs of their clients hair.

T.R.I (A) Tricone: A protein reconstruct that penetrates to the medulla of the hair providing a botanically based protein supplement, tricone nourishes and repairs restoring your hairs naturally vitality and strength. 

T.R.I  (B) Tricobra. A complex herbal compound that restores your hairs natural moisture and PH balance. Tri-Coeba functions as a antiseptic and antiseborreric, also providing a great shine. 

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